Elias Jarzombek: Portfolio

Hi, I am Elias, a software developer and electronic musician. On this site you will find a collection of projects that I have worked on. Click on a project title for more info.

Feel free to contact me. I am also on Github, Twitter, Soundcloud, and LinkedIn.

Website by me.

Verbolect - Noncore Projector

verbolect screenshot

verbolect screenshot 2

Verbolect is an upcoming installation at The Boiler in Brooklyn. It will be run continuously from Oct 20 to November 19, 2017.

I am working with John O'Connor, Jack Colton, and Rollo Carpenter to create a dynamic representation of a conversation between a Cleverbot and itself. The visualization is generated from the emotional tone of the responses. More to come soon.

Tools: Processing, JavaScript (D3), HTML, CSS


fiber prototype screenshot

Fiber is the result of a two month Summer Lab at the Open Music Initiative, which is a partnership between IDEO and Berklee College of Music. The OMI mission is to create an "open-source protocol for the uniform identification of music rights holders and creators." This currently manifests itself as an API that can be used to register and query information. Our job in the Summer Lab was to imagine a future where this information is open and accessible.

Our team took on the challenge of "identifying individuals for their contributions to single tracks in new works." We expanded on the prompt and focused on interactively telling the whole story of a song. One of our early prototypes was a cube that could be exploded into shards. Each piece represented an element of the song, whether that be the guitar part or the person who mastered the track.

For our next iteration we focused on telling the story of a song, instead of simply assembling information about it. We chose 'Same Drugs' by Chance the Rapper and crafted a virtual reality environment that the user can interact with to discover the narrative and context behind the music.

For more information about our ideas and development, check out our articles that we wrote throughout the process:

Part 1: Stepping Inside a Song
Part 2: Playing With Music
Part 3: So The Story Goes
Part 4: Fiber: Bringing The Story of a Song To Life

Read the OMI publication

Tools: Unity3D, D3.js

Shape Your Music

shape your music gif

The Idea: A new visual way to compose music, by translating 2D space to musical space.

The concept came from a desire to use geometric properties to make music. The user composes by drawing polygonal shapes. Each shape represent a melodic loop, where the side lengths represent note lengths, and at each vertex the note changes. The angle of intersection with the previous side informs what the new note will be. There are also grid and quantization options, which allow your songs to have a defined rhythm.

Here is a video of me improvising using SYM:

Try the demo (Work in progress - beware of bugs), or view the source code

Tools: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

The Xenomod


The Idea: Create a MIDI electronic instrument that has as much control of timbre as possible, and can also function as a sequencer.

Working with a team of three other students, we strove to build a unique MIDI device that could be played like a MIDI keyboard but with much more control over timbre. With parameters for every finger to control, and trackballs under your palms, experience modulation like never before. The instrument also doubles as a sequencer that can be controlled dynamically.

Read the full documentation, or watch the demo video.

My role: I programmed the Max/MSP logic for reading the sensor data, assigning notes and scales and other parameters, and also designed and wrote the sequencer.

Tools: Sensors(Soft potentiometers, FSRs, switches/buttons), Arduinos, Max/MSP, Reason

Tuesday Transit EP

The Idea: compose a release using found sounds from the Boston area.

I limited my audio library to only sounds that I had recorded myself specifically for this project. I brought a recorder wherever I went and compiled recordings from shopping centers, the MBTA (subway), restaurants etc. In Reason, I imported sounds and manipulated them to define tonal and percussive elements.

Tools: Recorder, Reason

For more music, check out my Soundcloud, my band's Soundcloud, or the record label that I help run.

Manage Your Deal

manage your deal homepage

During my internship at Manage Your Deal, I worked on developing a new visual identity for their web platform, which helps connect investors with startups. I designed and implemented new responsive features and pages, templated new layouts for profile cards and profile pages, and redesigned the login page and dashboard.

You can visit the the live site, but much of what I worked on can only be seen by members. Here are several mockups that I created and then implemented in the platform:

Tools: AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

JKW-Karate Dojo Redesign

JKW Karate homepage, after our redesign

The Project: Redesign the website for a karate club. Improve the navigability, organization, and aesthetic. The original website vs our redesign.

The original site:
JKW homepage before redesign

Together with a partner, our primary goal was to make a menu that was clear and intuitive. To do this we grouped all of the pages into categories so that four drop-down menus would suffice instead of a long list. We also implemented a footer with key information and defined a unifying visual style, which included designing social icons and a vector logo. We first developed a paper prototype after storyboarding our average user. Not all pages have been implemented. We worked on the starter course page, the dates page, and the 12 hour training page.

Tools: HTML, CSS

The Ham Sandwich Cut

ham samdwich cut homepage

This is a visualization of the Ham Sandwich Theorem, which I wrote using JavaScript.

Disclaimer: This is in progress and is not 100% accurate. Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Py app landing page

I created this website for the education app Py. It is a straightforward landing page that advertises and describes the app's features.

Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

AJE Music

AJE music homepage

I am in a three-piece electronic music group called AJE. I made this website from scratch as an alternative platform for listeners to experience our music and art. Coinciding with the release of our latest album, it includes a music player and pages for each release. It was my first website made on my my own time and was largely an exercise in the practices of web design and development.

Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


daybreak app homepage

I created this website for Thundr's reminder app Daybreak. It is a straightforward landing page that advertises and describes the app's features.

Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS


jarz0 homepage

I built this website for my solo music project, JARZ0.

Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS

Custom Scenario

custom scenario homepage

Custom Scenario is another music project I am a part of. I made this site as a simple showcase of our new single and as a place for visitors so sign up for the mailing list.

Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS

Free Lemonade

free lemonade homepage

Free Lemonade is a record label that I started with some friends as a platform to share our music. The website is still in progress.

Visit the live site

Tools: HTML, CSS

GE Poster

GE poster

The Project: Design a poster for a product or company. Pick an inspiration and imitate its style.

The inspiration piece that I chose was this poster by the musician and graphic designer Scott Hansen:

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

Mint Poster

Mint poster

The Project: Design a poster for a the play Mint. The director wanted me to emulate the stage which was painted pink, and strewn with mannequin parts.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator